Say “Good Bye” To Nokia Smartphone

Say “Good Bye” To Nokia Smartphone. Tuesday ( 03/09/2013 ), came the shocking news that a business unit of Nokia devices and services will be purchased Microsoft . Total funds released could reach 7.2 billion U.S. dollars .

Transactions are expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2014 had a huge impact on our business Nokia phones , including the ownership of the brand ” Lumia ” and the ” Asha ” .

The Verge reports that the two trademarks are also included in the acquisition by Microsoft . That is, there will be no cell phones of Nokia Lumia and Asha as both a name synonymous with products Nokia has now been switched owners .

Later , Lumia and Asha phones will carry the Microsoft brand . – Mobile Lumia and Asha phones in circulation today is going to be the last product that carries the name ” Nokia ” .

Interestingly , the name Nokia itself remains the property of the Finnish manufacturer , aka not participate bought by Microsoft . Nokia may only be used as a trademark feature phone for the next 10 years , according to the agreement between the two companies .

That means , as the brand Nokia smartphones will not be there anymore . Microsoft’s chances all smartphones will carry the Lumia or Asha name or a new name .

End of Nokia

Once the purchase is completed next year , Nokia will officially withdrew from the world of mobile phones , marking the end of the pursuit of the company for 16 years in this industry .

Nokia was once the largest manufacturer of mobile phones for 14 years before losing to compete against the Android camp and Apple are quickly erode its market share .

As quoted from Hardware Zone , the famous company will continue to exist because Microsoft did not buy the whole business Nokia .

There are three main areas which are still owned by Nokia and will be the focus in the future , the NSN ( network infrastructure ) , HERE ( technology mapping ) , and Advanced Technologies ( licensing and development ) .

Nokia still has a patent – patent . Microsoft will pay Nokia to get a license HERE technology for four years . Instead , Microsoft will give rights to a Nokia to use its technology in services HERE .

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