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Telkomsel Wins Asia Pacific ICT Awards 2013

A managed to take home the prestigious award by Telkomsel in the Asia Pacific ICT Awards 2013. Telkomsel took home awards Wireless Service Provider of the Year.

The award is bestowed annually to a company that has a broad scope of telecommunications services ranging from fixed wired telephone services (fixed wireline), fixed wireless phone service, cellular telephone service, network and interconnection services, internet services to the data storage services.

“This award is a real testament to the confidence of stakeholders Telkomsel so that we can provide leading-edge services and can achieve good performance and the resulting innovation to take part in the global marketplace,” said President Director of Telkomsel Alex J. Sinaga.

This success is a special gift for the celebration of the 18th anniversary of Telkomsel. Alex also added that the award is part of the 125 million subscribers Telkomsel confidence, partner support and hard work of all the employees Telkomsel.

In addition to Telkomsel, Telkom Indonesia also took home the award as the Frost & Sullivan 2013 Service Provider of the Year.

Events Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific ICT Awards themselves take place every year and this year has stepped tenth year. The awards identify and reward the performance of companies and individuals who have implemented best practices, as well as a show of commitment, perseverance, and innovative business strategies required to survive in the global competition.


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Free Download Advanced English & Thesaurus for Android APK

Free Download Advanced English & Thesaurus for Android APK. WordNet® is a big lexical database of English with as much as a hundred and forty,000 entries and greater than 1.4 million words, developed by the Cognitive Science Laboratory at Princeton University.
Instead of following the usual dictionary format, the WordNet dictionary is organized with an innovative and handy approach. Nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs are grouped into sets of cognitive synonyms, interlinked by way of conceptual-semantic and lexical relations. Along with the straightforward definition the dictionary exhibits how every phrase is linked to different phrases when it comes to synonyms, opposites and comparable phrases, but also hyponyms and hyperlinks throughout the group.
The resulting community of meaningfully related words and ideas:
* helps you to higher understand the phrase meanings,
* facilitates the short discovering of the right that means,
* allows you to rapidly memorize words.
— A Comprehensive Dictionary and Thesaurus —
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* Examples illustrate how phrases are used and show typical constructions and collocations.

— The MSDict Dictionary Format —
The Advanced English Dictionary & Thesaurus is right here offered in MSDict electronic format. MSDict presents finest expertise in mobile reference and is available for any handheld platform.
* Fast dynamic search of phrases whilst you kind
* Skill so as to add bookmarks to favorite words
* Hyperlinks between totally different associated words
* History to see the last 50 phrases you could have appeared up
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o Fuzzy filter- used if you end up unsure of the correct spelling of a phrase
o Key phrase-used to locate the situations of a key phrase inside other compound words
o Wild card – “?” and “*” exchange a letter and group of letters in phrases
* Handy two pane design for tablets
* Quick article scrolling
* On-line and offline modes supported; the offline mode permits you to obtain the whole dictionary and work independently from data connections
* Skill to have dictionary Phrase of the day as a widget on the telephone dwelling display screen
* Potential to look phrases within the put in dictionaries through the standard cellphone search function
* Support for reminiscence cards.

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